Our Story

Stop. Take a Breath. Smile.

Welcome to Pinadella Sleep & Lounge Wear created by two sisters
- Nicole and Natalie. 

Pinadella has been a dream for a long time. It is a blending of our passion and vision to create beautiful clothing to enjoy during the times of rest and self care.

We also wanted to create a space where we can spread far and wide that self-love, compassion and rest should always be incorporated into our busy lives. We deserve it, and our lives will be better when we make rest and restoration a priority.

What’s in a name?

Pinadella is a blending of two wonderful women in our lives who are no longer with us. Our Grandmother, Giuseppina (affectionately called Pina by those closest to her), and long-time friend Danijela (affectionately called Della by those closest to her). These women epitomise grace, courage and kindness and will forever leave an imprint on our lives with the memories they leave with us.

We want their spirit to shine through in our amazing creations.

Nicole and Natalie with illustration of two sisters    Our grandmother Pina, a grandmother with two girls   Our best friend Della, an illustration of two girls one in a hat