Sleepwear on screen - it's a mood!

Have you taken notice of famous PJ moments across your favourite TV shows and movies? We sure have, and here are some of our favourites! 

Bridget Jones Diary 

There's a bit of Bridget Jones in all of us - and we love her famous couch and PJ scenes. Doesn't match? Who cares! 

Sex and the City 

This famous scene from the Sex and the City movie is iconic - Carrie leaves her night in on New Year's Eve to be with Miranda. She manages to make her PJs look amazing as she runs through NYC - classic Carrie. 

Carrie Bradshaw in PJs fur coat and sequined beanie


Everybody Loves Raymond (Deborah)

If you're a fan of this show, you may have noticed Deborah's character never wears the same pair of PJs to bed! She rocks a matching set every time, and after recently laughing through re-runs of this series we could not help but notice. 

Deborah in bed with pyjamas /Deborah and Ray in bed with pyjamas


 Friends (Rachel ofcourse!) 

We loved seeing Rachel's fashion evolution throughout the 10 years Friends graced our screens. We especially loved taking notice of her home and sleepwear style - here are a couple of our favourite looks. 


Rachel from Friends in tartan and black pyjamas Rachel from Friends in red nighty


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Bridget Jones Diary

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Sex and the City
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Everybody Loves Raymond 
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Friends Rachel 1
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Friends Rachel 2 
Image from Credit: NBC/Getty