Meditation App Recommendations

Practising mindfulness and meditation is recommended to support maintaining a sense of calm and contributing to a positive state of mind. However, knowing where to start can be challenging. Often our busy lives can make meditation easy to put to the bottom of the list, especially if we don't know how to begin. 

Meditation Recommendations

There are some great online tools available to support your practice. Some of these are even free which is a bonus. Whether it's a morning wake up meditation, a small session in the middle of the day or a wind down meditation to support your bedtime routine - having some guidance can support your meditation journey and also help you explore different types of meditation so you can find something which resonates with you. 

Here are some of our recommendations: 

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an Australian not-for-profit who's mission is 'to provide accessible, life-long tools to support healthy minds.' 

Their app is amazing, it's free and contains mindfulness exercises to support all ages.  Whether it's a morning meditation, sleep meditation or even a meditation practice for your walk. Smiling Mind is a supportive tool which can also teach you what mindfulness is and why it is important.  Find out more and download the app here

Insight Timer 

Insight Timer is a free meditation app, and according to their website, contains more than 100,000 guided meditations led by teachers all around the world. 

You can search for all different types of meditations depending on what you feel you need at that time. Whether it is some calming music to sleep, a gratitude meditation to start your morning or some healing sounds. Just search and see what comes up. You can also search by times as well, in case you can only meditate for a certain amount of time. 

Read more and download the app here

Yoga With Adriene 

Adriene Mishler incorporates some really beautiful meditation and breathwork practices at her free Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. 

You can find her free catalog of Mindfulness practice videos here or search Yoga with Adriene meditation on YouTube. 

A personal favourite of mine (Nicole from Pinadella here) is the Meditation for Inner Peace Practice, for when you've had a bad day or feeling overwhelmed. 

Wishing you a calming mindfulness practice which is most supportive to your schedule. 

Love the Pinadella team x