How to determine your values and why they matter

What do you value?

What are the things in life which motivate you in your day to day?

What are the feelings which can signal that something needs to shift and how are these linked to your values? 

Often we can sense that something just doesn't feel right, but it can be difficult to understand why and we can feel shame or even ungratefulness for something which on paper should be perfect, but at the core doesn't feel quite right. 

This is where identifying values can be a clarifying force - as these values help you ground in what matters, push through discomfort and strip away the noise to focus in on what truly matters to you. 

Whether that's your heath, your family, starting a business or travel. Values are only bound by your own imagination. 

You might be thinking - why is a PJ and loungewear brand telling us about values? Well for us, the decision to start our business and put Pinadella out into the world emerged from our connection to our core values. Our creativity, closeness as sisters and ambition stirred us to start creating Pinadella and this drive helps us look to how we nurture the business and learn along the way as we take it forward.

We found some great articles which go into more detail about values and how you can go through some simple exercise to identify yours. It's a small little exercise which is all about you, and can help you to work through what it is you want for your life and what truly matters.

What are your values? Deciding what's most important in your life.(
Please get to know your values (Forbes) 

We all deserve to live in alignment with our values because that is where the magic happens. 

Love the Pinadella team x