Ditch new years resolutions and set goals!

Happy 2024! We hope the start of the year is treating you well. 

Sometimes, resolutions can be a little too resolute (no pun intended!). 

We think goal setting works much better. Setting specific goals and making them digestible, actionable and flexible can help you with progressing towards what you what to achieve. 

Rather than setting your resolution to something broad like 'this year I am going to exercise more', re-frame it as a goal. You could say something like  'this year I am going to aim to get to 3 pilates classes a week'.  This gives you a specific number to work towards!  

Making a list of goals for the year is definitely on our list of things to do for 2024. Once you have a list of goals you can then look at the steps you need to take to make them happen. Any goals you can't tick off for any reason can be parked for later. No guilt needed - it's all about about progress, not perfection.

We wanted to leave this little thought starter as our first blog post for 2024. We hope you have the best year. 

Love the Pinadella team xo